A Clarion Call for Christian Learning

Meditationes Vitae Christianae

Moses knew the wisdom of Egypt,
and Daniel the wisdom of Chaldea,
but today’s Christians slack in conceit,
shunning philosophy in the pretension of false humility.

We do not even dig our own resources:
we do not try to learn Greek,
or understand the Church Fathers;
even meditating the Holy Scriptures is still our constant struggle,
as if it were a daily burden, rather than the fountain of pleasure.

Do we really love God?
How can we say we love God,
when, in reality, we do not treasure His precious words?

Claiming to be led by the Holy Spirit,
we are actually led by the spirit of the age:
the spirit of blind consumerism, hedonism, and materialism.
Blinded by greed and lust,
we strive for material prosperity in the name of faith,
and trash the spiritual richness tested by the ages.
What a shame! What a shame!

In hope for…

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