Christ’s Share in our Salvation

Of Christ the Saviour:

The smiles of his Father are all the sweeter to him, because his people share them;

The honours of his kingdom are more pleasing, because his people appear with him in glory;

More valuable to him are his conquests, since they have taught his people to overcome;

He delights in his throne, because on it there is a place for them;

He rejoices in his royal robes, since over them his skirts are spread;

He delights the more in his joy, because he calls them to enter into it.

The set of sentences above are taken from Spurgeon’s Morning & Evening, 14 May. You can read the full text here.

Reading upon this text somehow reminds me of Eschatological approach every Christian can enjoy. To me, the smile of his Father is as of Numbers 6:25. The verse symbolize God’s lovingkindness in taking care of us providentially while we’re still in this earth, just like the context of the verse in which The LORD blesses the people of Israel. We all share His blessing through Jesus. We all will appear with him in glory in the fullness of time. We are conquerors of this earth in the sense that Christ have already conquered it with ever-abounding love unto the end of age. Christ himself has become the Mercy Seat in which our sins are cleansed. Corroborated with the Mercy Seat-Throne of Grace typology is the Washed Robes in which the Blood of Christ is used as the cleaning agent, shed on Calvary for us. In all those things, Christ takes joy in each soul’s salvation. Yes, in each of YOUR salvation!

As the Good Shepherd, he laid down his life for his lambs, also looking and calling each stray lamb to be put in his bosom. If you feel lost in this world, don’t worry. He’s looking for you to take part in his joy of salvation. Have you ever heard him calling you?


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