Calibration – it is an act of measuring the measurer so that the measurer’s accuracy is preserved. As thermodynamics says, things are changing towards decrepitude, towards decay, and that includes every measurer you can think of. Material or non-material.

Of all the measurer I know, the sharpest is Mind. Mind is the only “thing” which perhaps able to measure unmeasurable things in this world. By mind too, measurements and its measurer are made so that it can be used collectively by people.

And yet, this Mind, whom everybody posesses, happen to be lodged inside Human’s flesh. Oh, how carnal! We often sees that what we called right or wrong in the past can now be its complete opposite. Things are changing, as they say. But the one who sees the change is the real “change”, that is the person’s Mind.

Introspect. Do you feel that, Mind, your measurer is now still accurate to see reality as they are? Do you find yourself seeing things only in specific views whilst you yourself is capable of seeing more? Do you even seeing Red, or even Black?

If you say yes, perhaps now is the best time for you to Calibrate. Be the Mind above your Mind. Sum yourself more than its parts. Measure your measurer according to your “Self” Make yourself clear on your past, present, and future. Don’t just live in one of the time. Live in the three of them! We, Humans are the only being in this world who is able to discern those time divisions. Once we’re always see those three clearly, we are always be Calibrated for our life.

One of the synonims of Calibrating is Zeroing. Yes, Zero. Zero is the beginning of all numbers. We all always have to be empty to fill more newer things. So, are you empty?


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