The Story

As one who happens to like reading, I read a lot of stories. Mostly literatures of course. From Russian short stories to English & Irish plays. Reading has become such an illuminating hobby. Those stories inspire me a lot which I’m sure also inspire other form of readers.

But then, those stories might give you a bit feeling of inferiority. An inferiority in which your life might seems so dull and spiceless compared to those stories. It’s even make you think that you already living a failed life unlike those stories. You don’t do awesome things which those protagonist does, you don’t have the time of your life which the characters seems to have in the stories.

However, keep in mind. Most of those stories aren’t real. They’re pre-existing in the author’s brain. And how can you let those imaginations floor you down? Another, is the real stories you read. Since it’s real it might keeping you on the edge, and somehow it dampening your perception in life that it has to be that way. But then, it’s not your life!

Your life, however shape it might form about, is already a story. It’s a story unlike other story. Of all those stories you’ve got from the outside, the story of your life is A STORY YOU LIVE! It’s the only story you can experience and change according to your finesse. There’s just unwritten page(s) left for you to write about. Never mind what other stories might be. Live your story! And make it a good story with Happy Endings.

What lies behind us and what lies before us are tiny matters compared to what lies within us. ~ R. W. Emerson


3 thoughts on “The Story

  1. Nice one Mr.Kurioseikon. In my opinion, Everyone has their story. No matter its failed or not, as long as we have time. we still have change to make another great story. love our live, because our live is a living book of ours and someday we’d love to reading some part of it again.

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