It means that you’re being a “perfectionist” who is not a perfectionist. An imperfectionist is one whose definition of “perfect” is against what most people think. Perfect is a limit which one’s ability can’t pass through. This so called “perfect” can only be achieved by rigorous preparations and complex elaborations.

More often than not, these so-called perfectionist sacrificed a LOT of time to hone their progress toward perfection. This time-killing alone can’t really be called perfect at all. All the while those time can be used for another progressive activities.

Therefore, be an Imperfectionist. An imperfectionist’s definition of perfect is “Here and Now”, that is he / she doesn’t wait or struggle until the “perfect” comes. An imperfectionist has this frugalistic definition of perfect. He / she makes use of what’s available, both here and now to achieve his / her goals. He / she lies beyond the situation and see everything around him / her as means. And above all, he / she acts now! The best time to make changes is now. It is better to make minute sequential progress than spend days analyzing  a perfect condition.

You often willing to change your life to be a better person. Upon that thought, is that you wait for the time and place in which you have more freedom for the changes to take place. But the truth is that time is full of surprises. That so-called perfect will never come. One pop culture references we can know of is Tony Stark. In that cave, he could have waited for better weapons  in which he can build better suit. But, no. He makeshift all those junk weapons into what we know as Iron Man – Mark Zero. That primitive suit alone is enough to make him escape the cave. That’s what we can do to life too. We can either wait for the perfect condition or just dive in and blast off everything in our path.

That, my friend,  is my resolution for next year. I have to seize the moment more often, bits by bits in my life. Making the best use of time as God or myself sees it. I’m not implying that there’s not such thing as the best moment. There is. It’s just that we shouldn’t wait for it. Make that moment. Create the opportunities!


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