Wheel Axis

In life, there’s just times in which all those bad things just pummel down on you, or that you think what’s ahead of you is so hard and impossible that you feel almost everything crumbles. It is as if all life pivots on that problem.

But, there’s just also the moment where you feel “The Time of Your Life”. Everything is just running the way you want it and you feel the inner bliss or flow. Professional and Personal. You think, if only my life continues this way until the day you die.

So, life is both side. Blessings and Curses. If you only like the Blessings that means you don’t make your life “Life”. The only way to enjoy life is to take both side as is, in its time context. Blessings and Curses, both are temporal. There’s no fatal or final things in this fleeting earth. All is changing.

See the big picture that after all those negative things there will be positive things and after the positive things there will be negative things. On and on until you die. Life is that. It’s not continual dwelling on particular side. It’s shifting on either side. You must think of life that way.

Therefore, to live life to the fullest means that you take each side on its proportionate point. Balance.

“If I have to choose between top of the wheel or bottom of the wheel, I’d rather be the axis of the wheel”
– Anonymous


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