The Hunger

Have you ever been hungry? so hungry in which you’re past your eating time 3 or 4 hours? I’m pretty sure you had that kind of experience. There’s just this kind of weird strain or pulling right from your stomach.

That kind of strain somehow also affect not just your body, but mind too. During that period, all you think is how you can put something in your mouth to cool off that hunger for a while. You you lose focus on what you have to do at that time; in short you become like an animal.

The hunger, in that case is more of a bodily hunger, which is related with our body’s need for more energy from food. It’s common thing but what I want to raise up this time is the kind of abstract hunger.

It’s a kind of hunger which aches for something to be filled in our soul. Before you find the “food”, you won’t stop and be restless all the time. Name it: Knowledge, Power, Wealth, Recognition, Acceptance, Pain, Meaning, or any other “thing” you can think of.

It won’t stop, and keep consuming more and more without you realizing it. It is as if there’s this kind of void, a black hole which ebb and flow in your being. Carnally, when the void is active you’re just like an animal.

That restlessness, is also one of the only thing why or how Humanity progress either toward good or bad. Many of Man’s achievement in history comes from this hunger which they pours outward to certain target, which then feeds on success.

Left alone, this hunger will make an animal out of you.

Directed, this hunger will make a Man out of you.


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