The Good News of Christianity

I’ve been to a Gospel Rally held by STEMI (Stephen Tong Evangelistic Ministries International) in Bandung

One part of the event is the testimony by Ev. Michael Liu, a newborn convert who, long story short were once an ardent Christian who evangelize in his youth but turn worldward in his early adult. His conversion to real Christianity was quite dramatic like Saint Agustine (with active part by his prayerful mother)

It was pretty good & honest testimony, without any glimpse of self-aggrandizement as some people do. But one thing I catch on from his words is that


Yes, that’s it. At first when I became a Christian I thought of it as an alternative worldview which helps you to sail the seas of life as good, kind, righteous, and benevolent Human. In short, become Christ-like in every manner as much a possible. It is a lifelong struggle.

Christianity is one of the most culturally-agnostic faith in the world and its myriad denominations explains it all. Other contender is of course, Buddhism. But Christianity offers a more personal teleological way which Buddhism seems can’t grasp.

But if just being Good-mannered Human is about that, then what is the difference with the other forms of faith or even non-faith like secular humanist?

The so-called Good News or Gospel is the answer. Being a true Christian compels you to share Christ as much as possible to people around you!! Sharing about Him brings about intelligible joy which does not seem comes from this world. There’s just such unexplainable impetus that renders you selfless. The grace that is given by Him can’t be contained in one individual; it must be spread to other people even if it means rejection, ostracization, or a lot of other forms of social pressure.

Maybe that’s the true meaning of Christ-likeness, that is not being somebody who is a perfect, functional Human in this Global Village but rather being one who think nothing about losing his life for God’s cause.

That alone, is sufficient enough to bear resemblance with Christ’s Passion to Cross to Redeem mankind and their follies.

The only pleasure that a Christian really possess in this World is treasuring Christ in his / her heart while on a Vicar-like pilgrimage to Cross.



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