The Diamond and the Pebble

There’s two vignettes here which I want to compare:

1. A set of gems on a monarch’s crown

2. A pile of gravels on mudpool

I found the fact that life often swap the location contrastingly.

You often see gems in mudpool in which their gleaming purity can’t shine. There are persons whose potential is so bright and yet their environment does support or even condemn them for being different. Think Einstein or Faraday

You also often see gravels laid on a monarch’s crown. The environment seems pristine and classy, and yet it’s filled with some corrupt persons who doesn’t deserve being there but by given status they’re there. Think the Pharisees or Idi Amin

I belive some people are born to be gems or gravels. However I also believe that gravels can turn into gems by a lot of friction.

The thing is, if you believe and indeed a gem, and that you feel yourself to born in a mudpool, it is one of your responsibility to pluck off some gravels of the crown in a coup way.

If not, who else? some gems who are already at a crown won’t bother seeing sideways (even if there are, it would be few). You, who see the gravel up close from above surely see the obvious inappropriateness of their location!

Stand up for what you think is right.


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