Hic et Nunc

Hic et Nunc is a Latin phrase which means Here and Now.

The phrase signifies that one needs to prioritize his or her effort in something which lies up front, with fewer priority on things of the past or on the concern of the future.

In short, the phrase simply remind us to focus on what can be done right away instead of something which exist on faraway context.

For we have only Present. Past is already settled. Future doesn’t exist yet. Present is Past-to-be and Future Attender.

That was the definition the time Hic et Nunc is introduced.

However, in Information Age today, we see more and more important it is the concept of Hic et Nunc. We live in a very interconnected age. Just a car crash somewhere in Europe is then a flash news in a person’s gadget in Thailand.

Just like when we’re chatting with somebody with our gadget, we ignore somebody near us (a family or a friend) who actually have more right to communicate with us instead of the person in the gadget. Its effect might not be big – but it is a form of “alienation”.This alienation is the illustration of “I only see what I want to see” or “I hear what I want to hear” – a selfish, autistic statement. All that matters is this sub-reality which he / she willingly construct within the apparatus. Turning the blind side to reality.

It’s like when you’re walking in the alley and you see a person being caught in an accident but you choose to ignore it since you’re already busy with your own world. If you only see what you want to see – then lot of people who need help will be ignored. People who need help are usually not a pleasing sight.
The gadget can wait. It’s just an object. The world won’t fall if you don’t answer the next ring. If they really need you, they will call you.

So readers, I exhort you to remember Hic et Nunc. Here and now. Respect people around you. Prioritize the people who lies immediately at your vicinity instead of one afar from you, unless you really need him / her at the moment.

Just don’t let your gadget close your opportunity to people around you.Who knows that a person next to you is actually a person who is depressed and just a little chat is enough to encourage him?

Who knows that a person next to you is actually a person who can give you a helpful information concerning your troubles?

Who knows that a person next to you is your soon-to-be spouse?

Of all those questions, nobody really knows for sure, but it’s all worth the try. It’s all random indeed, but random is associated with surprises – who doesn’t like one?

“A stranger is a friend I haven’t met yet.”

– Barney

That case alone applies to strangers. I’m pretty sure you can think for yourself how better it is if you apply it to ones you love. Family. Friends. Colleagues.

The lesser you interact with your gadget, the more you can communicate with other people around you and thus more opportunity to change each other’s life to be a better, authentic, socially-aware human being everybody likes.


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