Classical Education: Trivium


I know that recently I have been quite absent in my blogging activities. It’s due to my new job as a Teacher in a Classical School.

This job has so far left me hectic and little free time. And yet I have to say it’s so fun!

It’s a job which make me wake up in the morning eager to see the surprises of the day.

It’s a job in which I become more aware of how much time I spend. Every minute really counts.

Above all however, it’s a job which makes me somewhat feels closer to God, like a fulfillment to my being.

Keep in mind though, that I’m still struggling to adapt of course. But it’s all feel very useful for my self-development.

The school follows a Classical Education and I find it very intriguing.I’m going to explain it simply in this post.

Classical Education uses Trivium or Three Way. Those are Grammar, Logic, and Rhetoric.

Grammar is the filling up facts and figures in the student’s learning so it can accelerate student’s learning. It ranges from Grade 1 to Grade 6. You can say that it’s like one Mining Minerals in the Cave of Knowledge.

Logic is the instilling of logical thinking and connecting ideas in the student’s learning so it can help students to think critically upon a subject. It ranges from Grade 7 to Grade 9. You can say that it’s like one Studying & Analyzing the Minerals he / she just Mined, to Discern its Usage and Purpose.

Rhetoric is the instilling of methods and techniques of authorship in student’s learning, either by writing, speaking, creating a work of art or any kind of activity that is materializing mind’s content for others to see. It ranges from Grade 10 to 12. You can say that it’s like one Processing / Presenting the Minerals he / she just Analyzed, so that it can be Applied or Used by Others.

I guess that’s all for know about Classical Education. I feel that is one of the best Education Philosophy which instills the Love of Learning to students.

Sapere Aude!!


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