Back from Hiatus


It’s been a long time I haven’t been writing in my blog, due to my new job as a teacher. I have to say that this new job really change my life. It really brings in a new world to live in. I meet A LOT of interesting people. Teachers, Students, Parents. All of them are in this giant mixing pool where they all collide for a single purpose: Education. In fact, we teachers are the captain of this ship. It’s true that we are paid by the parents, but it is us who knows where we are going and it is us who knows how to go there. Parents do help but still, we are the head.

Well, that’s my rant about Education which I have been thinking for a while. Not that I’m good enough at what I’m doing now but now I see that this is my vocation.

Through this post I open a new period by which most of my post will be more focused toward this new job of mine as a Teacher. So bear with me.

Bona Fide,


Zorin Wiseputra Muller


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