Reality and Truth

“Everybody lies” said Dr. House, the acerbic protagonist we all know from the hit medical drama House.

Though stated by a character that most people won’t even try to befriend with due to his unfriendly manner, that statement rings true. Everybody does lie. Even babies know how to do it without being taught by their parents.

It is so easy for us to lie. It is so easy for us to hide or bury the truth in the spur of a moment for our own sake. We have this justification that if it doesn’t go that way, the reality will be worse.

Well so we can extrapolate that the real reality is not preferred over the liar’s version of “reality”. The liar’s version of reality is sweeter. The liar’s version of reality is more bearable. To the liar himself or even to the world.

What I want to propose is: Truth goes hand in hand with Reality. The moment we deny the truth, that is the moment we deny the reality we’re living on. For every lie told, reality is fragmented to infinitesimal division.

For example, when a person named X lies, lying that he turned left but actually turned right, X have to live his own version of reality, a duplicitous form of reality which in itself irrational. X lies not just to the world but also to himself. He can’t be his authentic self anymore. We can also infer that X will also put a lie upon another lie, propagating the fragmentation of reality in X’s image.

How many lies occurred in a day? Thousands? Millions? Trillions? Gazillions!!! Everyday reality suffers. Lies stacked upon lies. Truth is and always compromised. Those who live in truth must also pay the price because the reality they live in might not be the reality in truth, but reality in lies (lies from others). Such world we live in.

Imagine how sunk deep reality is, after countless burial

Imagine how mangled reality is, after countless savagery

Imagine how infinitesimal reality is, after countless fragmentation

Whenever you’re about to lie or to deny truth, always bear this fact in mind. Always bear that even if you’re not hurt directly, you’re hurting reality. Everyone’s reality.

Reality will get back to you. Nobody can predict reality. It comes full frontal to you. It is beyond you.

Think twice before you lie. Live in Truth. Live in REALity.

Sapere Aude!!


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