Sin, Instrument of Grace

Sin is a part of life one can’t get away with. It bring us down. Pride, Lust, Greed, Glutton, Envy, Wrath and Sloth. Those are just few from untold sins we experience in our daily life.

So how does God, being good, allow sin to “prosper” with our nature? Why does He let sin deflower our conscience? There is this famous saying that God hates sin but loves sinner. So how does sin play into part of our life? Even St. Paul struggle so hard to put away the “Thorn in Flesh” in his body.

Sin is actually instrument of Grace. We can’t really explain it using our mortal logic. But remember how sin brings us down to the ground and reminding us of our unworthiness, putting us into modes of repentance by which God’s grace shines forth unto us.

Just as the Bible told us: where sin abounds, Grace abounds more. We can never put our sinful nature away, but the more we are reminded of our sin, the more we realize of our unworthiness and our total ineptitude in achieving salvation. This state further tenders the soil by which God’s gospel can grow. God hates the proud but give grace to the humble. A broken spirit and contrite spirit; those are our aromatic sacrifices which is pleasing unto God. He must increase, while I must decrease.

Bear in mind as well, that we are to work our salvation with fear and trembling, and that we also ought to do our best to put down our sinful nature, just as Jesus said to the prostitute “Sin no more”. God does forbid us to revel any longer in sin.

In saying that famous words to the prostitute, Jesus was also  aware that we can never be able to put down our sinful nature in complete while living in this world, and that we will always struggle with it until the day we’re done. That struggle however, is the proof of Holy Spirit’s work in sanctifying our body. What we bear everyday is no longer our meritous works, but God’s saving Grace.

He outpours grace upon grace to us, from His mercy seat. His love never ends. His love bear all things, hope all things, endure all things. Since God is Love and that He creates the world, His love is eternal and unchanging, as much as His word.

It is simply the depth and the riches of God’s ways, that He’s using sin as one of his instruments of Grace. In the end He will be glorified beyond measure. He is a consuming fire which in the end will cleanse and redeem all defects – that we, mere mortals who deserve Hell without parole will be holy and blameless before His smiling countenance in Heaven.

So brothers and sisters, strive on, run the race, seize the prize!!


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