Trinity: Unity and Diversity

Continuing from my previous explanation on Trinity here (I recommend you to read it first), let me continue more on it.

One of the contending extremes we have in the world is the question of Unity vs. Diversity. University is one of the best example: Students are trying to find the Unity in Diversity and vice-versa. In real-world case though, these list might show in different disciplines the manifest contention between those two extremes:

  • Monarchy vs. Republic
  • Dictatorship vs. Democracy
  • Closed-Source vs. Open-Source
  • Monotheism vs. Polytheism
  • Centralized Market vs. Distributed Market
  • Mass Manufacturing vs. Handcraft Manufacturing
  • Cloud-Computing vs. Distributed-Computing
  • Instructivism vs. Constructivism
  • etc.

Those are just few examples. Surely you can add more to it. In essence, though, surely you can see the underlying extremes within. People are trying to find which is best for them: Unity or Diversity? I conclude that both are true at the same time and we need both.

Trinity, in all its intricate mysteries is both Unity in Diversity. It is United in its Godhead (one God) and it is Diverse in its Persons (Father, Son, and Holy Spirit). Diverse in their roles: God the Father ordained, God the Son reedems, and God the Holy Spirit sanctify. Each role contributes one another into a united goal. I found that its transcendent simplicity reveals sure manifestations of immanent complexities we see in the world.

As Christian, I say that only by Trinity one can find both Unity and Diversity and  also by it, one will be able to live life positive holistically in this world where Chaos sometimes masquerade as Order or Vice-Versa.

Sapere Aude!!!


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