The Secretive Sin

Recently, I’ve been enamored with the book “Brothers Karamazov”. One of the chapters I want to share is the one in which Ivan Karamazov, one of main characters who is a staunch rationalist and atheist, is having a nightmare – with the devil.

I am not gonna talk a lot about the chapter, but I want to share a notion I got inspired from that particular chapter, particularly on a strong relationship between sin and secret.

Everybody commit sins. Rape, Theft, Voyeurism, Duplicity, Swindling, etc. Everybody commit certain trespass either to God, Others, or even Self. In response to this, some people confess or share the burden to somebody else to help them cope with it. It can be shared to God or Others. However, there are also some people who chose to keep it to themselves as a secret, only known to the person. This kind of people is the subject of this post.

When somebody keeps a secret to his / herself, it is certain that the person is not the only person keeping it. There are two entities who also keep it; both are omniscient in varying degrees. Those two are supernatural being; God and devil. Contrasting entity with also contrasting response against that secretive sin.

Assume that the God we know here is benevolent in all aspects, that He operates in level of wisdom unreachable to us. Assume also that the devil we are talking here is deeply devious and deceptive, capable of turning things inside out to his favor.

Let’t start with devil. Knowing your secret, what he will do is that he will use that secret as a leverage to keep you further down in that abyss of guilt. He will give you that pseudo-comfort that doing sin is fun but afterwards will be an advocate against you. Sly and duplicitous. He wants you to be a chronic sinner until your death.

God, on the other hand does hates sin so much that He ought to punish you in hell right away. However, He also loves sinner so much, and truly understand the sinful nature of man. When we confess our sin to God, He will not use the sin against us like the devil, though He actually is the one most rightful to do so. He will grant us grace which none of us deserve, the redeeming grace of His Son Jesus.

Like the parable of Prodigal Son, He will welcome us with open embrace, saying that our sins are already cleansed and that He already redeemed us, so a new life is there. You will still commit sin of course, but in each of those sins he will chastise every trespass we commit patiently, teaching us to live stronger in faith instead of flesh. In His time, with baby steps we will be uplifted with His grace from glory to glory. Our serenity is His aim, serenity in His fold. He wants us to be free worshipers of His glory.

How powerful God’s blood is, which redeems the sinner, granting a new life unimaginable. It is the power which turns a criminal into a crowned champion, which brings life to death, and is the only ever-hope in this sinful world!

Amazing grace – how sweet the sound, that saved a wretch like me!!!




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