First of all welcome to my blog! I really appreciate your visit. Furthermore, I thank you for reading this introductory page.

The title of my blog are 2 Greek words “Kurios” and “Eikon” which means LORD God (Κύριος ο Θεός) and Image (εἰκών). Why I chose that title?

I am a Humanist. I believe that Man (read: Humanity) is the Measure of All Things. Man stands as the apex of everything. It’s true that there are things seemingly more magnificent than Man, such as the heavenly bodies in outer space. But those things has specific laws that govern and limit them (Even black hole, though it does annul some laws of physics, has specific laws constraining it). Man, on the other hand, is dynamic. Humanity is growing fast and vast throughout the ages by the use of their creativity. Some of the things which we see as limit now will no longer exist at one point in the future.

I am a Christian. Of all faiths and worldviews I have studied, only Christianity takes Man to the highest level with the title “Image of God”. God is the creator of all things in which afterward He created Man who holds dominion over all (Genesis 1:27-28). We are His Image. That notion alone is enough to explain all Man was, is, and is to come. The thirst in our conscience which can only be quenched by Him alone is the proof that the Image is nothing without God. We have that divine appetite. Man can find peace only in Him alone, as Augustine said in his Confessions.

Furthermore, what philosophy / faith there is who says that because God so love the world, send His own Son to die for our sins, so that we can have fulfilment of our innermost being, in His Heavenly abode when time ends?

The philosophy / faith which says that God is Love?

I therefore made this blog as vessel for my thoughts and musings, which mostly wander around humanity, philosophy, faith, language, personal struggles, and so on. Simply put, this is a blog of a Christian Humanist interpreting things around him. Keep in mind that I am not much of a religious person. I believe more in a common good of mankind under God’s providence and grace than specific triumph of a sect.

I aim that my posts will inspire others to live a richer, more proper and more humane life which will help them to live their life to their fullest potential – benefiting self and others, according to God’s ordinances.



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