Confidence – With Faith

Confidence’s Etymology, as I see it is:

Con: Together, Together with, In combination with

Fide: Faith

Nce: Suffix

So, having confidence implies that you have an ample faith to believe in yourself, believing that you have the power to accomplish things. To face challenges boldly.

Faith comes from the inside isn’t it? Everybody has it. Even Nihilists does (They have faith in their unbelieving).

Whenever you feel like you can’t do it, just remember your faith. Whatever form it might be. It’s an everflowing source of energy.


Conversation: “Convert-Session”

If you see the word “Conversation”, I take it that they seem to be a portmanteau of the word “Convert” and “Session”. It is a session in which one is converting another to be one that another wasn’t. When A is talking to B, A is converting B to be somebody else changed, either in Persuasive or Informative Conversation. This happens vice-versa cyclically until the Conversation ends.

Let’s just say that A is telling B a new fact called “C”. And B is telling A a new fact called “D”. After the conversation, A is no longer A but is already renewed A’, who already know about C. This also applies to B who now knows D, and likewise B is no longer B but now is B’.

This applies in any form of mutual relationship, most exemplary in a friendship. Bible affirms this as the passage in Proverbs 27:17:

AsĀ iron sharpens iron,
So a man sharpens the countenance of his friend. (NKJV)

Do you feel “sharpened” after a long conversation with your friend? That you came out as a better man? And you likewise “sharpen” your friend? Imagine having a group “sharpening” each of its member. The sharpening effect is in the Order of Magnitude!

I believe that is why we humans are all social animal. We’re healthy in unison with others. Only in a social environment can one truly hone his life to an ever-optimal form. And it is always fruitful to stay away from people who converts you to the worse.

Befriend everybody you can befriend with; but keep close the “Sharpeners”