The Pope Just Released A List of 10 Tips for Becoming a Happier Person and They Are Spot On

The Pope Just Released A List of 10 Tips for Becoming a Happier Person and They Are Spot On

Good tips. Got to Agree on that.

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In a recent interview with the Argentine publication Viva, Pope Francis issued a list of 10 tips to be a happier person, based on his own life experiences.

The Pope encouraged people to be more positive and generous, to turn off the TV and find healthier forms of leisure, and even to stop trying to convert people to one’s own religion.

But his number one piece of advice came in the form of a somewhat cliche Italian phrase that means, “move forward and let others do the same.” It’s basically the Italian equivalent of, “live and let live.” You can check out the full list below.

The Pope gives a thumbs up to an audience in St. Peter’s Square at the Vatican. (Photo: CSV)

The Pope’s 10 Tips for a Happier Life

1. “Live and let live.” Everyone should be guided by this principle, he said, which has a similar expression in…

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14 Signs You’re An Old Soul

Got me right on that.

Thought Catalog

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1. You tend to think a lot about everything. You’re always finding deeper meaning in your relationships, simple interactions with strangers, and in the world around you.

2. You enjoy solitude and use it as a time to reflect on your life and everything going on in it. You continually seek out higher understanding and are incredibly introspective about life.

3. You’ve always had maturity far beyond your years. When you were a child people commented on how mature you were and you probably enjoyed sitting at the adult’s table as opposed to the children’s table. It’s not that you couldn’t have fun being a kid, it’s just that sometimes you thought the adult conversations were far more interesting.

4. You take pleasure in simple things like drinking coffee and reading the news, having breakfast with friends, cooking a great meal, or reading a good book.


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There Are Only Three Days You Should Never Worry About – Yesterday, Today & Tomorrow

Proverbs Way


  1. If things go wrong, don’t go with them.  ~Roger Babson
  2. Worry never robs tomorrow of its sorrow, it only saps today of its joy.  ~Leo Buscaglia
  3. I am reminded of the advice of my neighbor.  “Never worry about your heart till it stops beating.”  ~E.B. White
  4. Do not anticipate trouble or worry about what may never happen.  Keep in the sunlight.  ~Benjamin Franklin
  5. If you can’t sleep, then get up and do something instead of lying there worrying.  It’s the worry that gets you, not the lack of sleep.  ~Dale Carnegie
  6. I’ve developed a new philosophy … I only dread one day at a time.  ~Charlie Brown
  7. Troubles are a lot like people – they grow bigger if you nurse them.  ~Author Unknown
  8. If you want to test your memory, try to recall what you were worrying about one year ago today.  ~E. Joseph Cossman
  9. People gather bundles of sticks…

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Kenal Ori ^^

New Friends Bring New Memories. Thanks for all Ms. Ayu ‘Kuke’ Wulandari! ^^

Catatan si Kuke


Heuheu.. dapat kejutan baru hari ini ^^ tepatnya dapat kenalan baru. Kalo ga salah dengar & ga salah ingat.. panggilannya Ori, SI 2009.

Alkisah ^^ si saya sedang asyik2an duduk2 ngobrol pasca matrikulasi. Teman ngobrolnya Nathan yang lagi nunggu Krisma 🙂 plus tiba2 Yudhi yang datang dan berhasil saya “rampok” pin Faithbook-nya.

Ini nih.. pin ini nih asal muasal.. cikal bakal terjadinya fenomena.. eh.. kejadian kejutan hari ini tuh 😛

 Pin ini menarik perhatian si kenalan baru yang bernama-panggilan Ori tersebut. Dia sampai tanya ke Yudhi itu jualnya di mana *apakah dia bakalan nyamperin ke gerejanya Yudhi?? kita lihat sajahh nantihh..*

Ori ngajak kenalan.. ya ke saya, Nathan, Yudhi.

“Kalian jurusan mana? Semester berapa?”

Seuh.. ketawa Nathan langsung meledak, beda reaksi dengan Yudhi yang masih kalem2 sedikit, sementara si saya bingung jadinya.

Iya.. bingung mo nurutin iseng atauuu mo jujur mengungkap jati diri heuheu..

Si Ori ini…

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Quotations from Friendship – a Birthday Dedication



from Essays: First Series (1841)

A ruddy drop of manly blood
The surging sea outweighs,
The world uncertain comes and goes,
The lover rooted stays.
I fancied he was fled,
And, after many a year,
Glowed unexhausted kindliness
Like daily sunrise there.
My careful heart was free again,
O friend, my bosom said,
Through thee alone the sky is arched,
Through thee the rose is red,
All things through thee take nobler form,
And look beyond the earth,
And is the mill-round of our fate
A sun-path in thy worth.
Me too thy nobleness has taught
To master my despair;
The fountains of my hidden life
Are through thy friendship fair. (Emerson 1841)

Excerpts and Select Texts from the Essay:

I awoke this morning with devout thanksgiving for my friends, the old and the new. Shall I not call God the Beautiful, who daily showeth himself so to me in his gifts? I chide society, I embrace solitude, and yet I am not so ungrateful as not to see the wise, the lovely, and the noble-minded, as from time to time they pass my gate. Who hears me, who understands me, becomes mine, a possession for all time. Nor is nature so poor but she gives me this joy several times, and thus we weave social threads of our own, a new web of relations; and, as many thoughts in succession substantiate themselves, we shall by and by stand in a new world of our own creation, and no longer strangers and pilgrims in a traditionary globe. My friends have come to me unsought. The great God gave them to me. By oldest right, by the divine affinity of virtue with itself, I find them, or rather not I, but the Deity in me and in them derides and cancels the thick walls of individual character, relation, age, sex, circumstance, at which he usually connives, and now makes many one. High thanks I owe you, excellent lovers, who carry out the world for me to new and noble depths, and enlarge the meaning of all my thoughts.

But a friend is a sane man who exercises not my ingenuity, but me. My friend gives me entertainment without requiring any stipulation on my part. A friend, therefore, is a sort of paradox in nature. I who alone am, I who see nothing in nature whose existence I can affirm with equal evidence to my own, behold now the semblance of my being, in all its height, variety, and curiosity, reiterated in a foreign form; so that a friend may well be reckoned the masterpiece of nature.

A friend is a person with whom I may be sincere. Before him I may think aloud.

What is so pleasant as these jets of affection which make a young world for me again? What so delicious as a just and firm encounter of two, in a thought, in a feeling? How beautiful, on their approach to this beating heart, the steps and forms of the gifted and the true! The moment we indulge our affections, the earth is metamorphosed; there is no winter, and no night; all tragedies, all ennuis, vanish, all duties even; nothing fills the proceeding eternity but the forms all radiant of beloved persons.

From the highest degree of passionate love, to the lowest degree of good-will, they make the sweetness of life.

If I was sure of thee, sure of thy capacity, sure to match my mood with thine, I should never think again of trifles in relation to thy comings and goings. I am not very wise; my moods are quite attainable; and I respect thy genius; it is to me as yet unfathomed; yet dare I not presume in thee a perfect intelligence of me, and so thou art to me a delicious torment. Thine ever, or never.

So I will owe to my friends this evanescent intercourse. I will receive from them, not what they have, but what they are. They shall give me that which properly they cannot give, but which emanates from them. But they shall not hold me by any relations less subtile and pure. We will meet as though we met not, and part as though we parted not.

The essence of friendship is entireness, a total magnanimity and trust. It must not surmise or provide for infirmity. It treats its object as a god, that it may deify both.

End of Excerpts and Select Texts.

Original text can be read here.

This post is dedicated for the birthday for one of my best friends, Sharen Song! Wish you all the best in life and life to come. All your quirkiness is a treasure to me. You are God-sent. Whatever, Wherever, Whenever, Whoever, However, or even Whomever you are, I envoy all your undertakings. Godspeed!