The Self-Deception of Faith

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What I learned from teaching English in North Korea

What I learned from teaching English in North Korea

Born and raised in Seoul, Suki Kim posed as an English teacher at an all-male university in Pyongyang run by evangelical Christians; she spent six months teaching the 19-year-old sons of North Korea’s ruling class. In this excerpt from her investigative memoir, she describes the experience.

“Essay” was a much-dreaded word among my students. It was the fall of 2011, and I was teaching English at Pyongyang University of Science and Technology in North Korea. Two hundred and seventy young men, and about 30 teachers, all Christian evangelicals besides me, were isolated together in a guarded compound, where our classes and movements were watched round the clock. Each lesson had to be approved by a group of North Korean staff known to us as the “counterparts.” Hoping to slip in information about the outside world, which we were not allowed to discuss, I had devised a lesson on essay writing…

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Back from Hiatus


It’s been a long time I haven’t been writing in my blog, due to my new job as a teacher. I have to say that this new job really change my life. It really brings in a new world to live in. I meet A LOT of interesting people. Teachers, Students, Parents. All of them are in this giant mixing pool where they all collide for a single purpose: Education. In fact, we teachers are the captain of this ship. It’s true that we are paid by the parents, but it is us who knows where we are going and it is us who knows how to go there. Parents do help but still, we are the head.

Well, that’s my rant about Education which I have been thinking for a while. Not that I’m good enough at what I’m doing now but now I see that this is my vocation.

Through this post I open a new period by which most of my post will be more focused toward this new job of mine as a Teacher. So bear with me.

Bona Fide,


Zorin Wiseputra Muller

How To Force Yourself To Improve

How To Force Yourself To Improve

There is no such thing as a perfect time indeed. We have to make up from what’s right and what’s left.

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Cohn was twenty-two and working as a salesman for U.S. Steel in Cleveland. On one particular day, he found himself in Long Island and decided to venture down to Wall Street. While he was there, he decided he wanted a job.

The only problem? Cohn didn’t know anything about finance.

Since he had no connections on Wall Street and little experience that would qualify him for a job, he couldn’t pursue the ordinary route of handing in a resume. So, he went after a different angle. He stood outside of the commodities exchange until he overheard a well-dressed man catching a taxi to LaGuardia. Without missing a beat, Cohn asked if they could share a cab ride.

This gave Cohn an hour in the car with a higher up in one of the top brokerage firms on Wall Street.

Throughout their conversation, Cohn discovered the firm was entering the options business. However, the higher up…

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Guntur Gozali

ws rendra Beberapa waktu lalu, seperti biasa, saya menerima broadcast message semacam renungan, video clip, kata2 motivasi, joke dll di group chat saya. Biasanya saya jarang membaca kiriman yang panjang2, namun kali ini karena saya menerima di beberapa group chat saya dalam waktu berdekatan, sayapun iseng membacanya.

Hmmmmm….puisinya si Burung Merak WS Rendra …. terus terang bukan hobby saya membaca puisi terutama yang kelas berat seperti puisi Rendra begini, tapi… entah kenapa beberapa baris pertama mengusik saya. Saya lanjutkan membaca dan luar biasa… saya jadi ingin membaginya dengan teman2 pembaca semua. Puisinya berjudul



Oleh W.S. Rendra

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