Loser & Self

The worst losers would not be those who lose against enemies or rivals, but those who lose against themselves. -Anonymous


That being said, one who constantly gives in to his / her impulses would be categorized as losers. One who can’t say no to the vices appear from dark depths of heart.

It is the Achilles’ Heels to any person’s struggle to become mature. In fact, one tends to analyze or introspect himself / herself when defeated by others, but not when defeated by self.

So, are you a loser or winner against yourself? 


“Implicit in the idea of conversion is that of forsaking the past unconditionally and accepting in its place a future of which the one certain fact is that it will never allow the previous pattern of life to be the same again.”

– Professor A. J. Krailsheimer, Conversion

“Even a roomful of darkness will never be able to overwhelm a candle’s light, unless the candle burns itself to death.”

Evil is not the opposite force of Good, but merely the absence of it.

Evil is perpetrated when the the Doers of Good chooses to be silent.

In your fight against Evil, you will always be outnumbered.

The only thing that keeps you is that small candle; Hope.

To keep the candle kindling, it will have to “burn” itself.

Don’t give up! Keep fighting!